Garda Bresciano PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Az. Ag. Manestrini

The PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a quality oil and is recommended for use raw. Due to its high digestibility, its pleasant taste, its therapeutic and nutritional properties, which make it one of the most genuine and healthiest of food products, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the main “dressing” of the Mediterranean diet, suitable also in the diets of young children.

Area of production: Garda Bresciano.

Variety of olives: 60 % Leccino, 20 % Frantoio, 15 % Casaliva and Pendolino, 5 % other varieties.

Milling method: continuous cycle, cold pressing.

Fragrance: : marked by intense green with hints of fresh vegetables which, with the passing of time, fade increasingly. Medium – light fruity.

Flavour: fruity with light bitter and spicy notes.

Acidity:: the quick harvesting and milling of the olives allow oil to be obtained with a very low acidity (0.2 % – 0.3 % with respect to 0.6%, the maximum envisioned by the specifications that govern PDO).

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