The Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained through cold pressing has a very low acidity 0.2 % – 0.3 %, and a fragrant flavour with a light fruity aftertaste, which enhances and enriches the daily diet.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a straw yellow colour with green hues, the fragrance is fresh olive fruity with hints of aromatic herbs, the flavour is sweet and slightly fruity.

This oil can be used both raw and for cooking as it is typically sweet and does not cover the flavours of the food, but enhances them. Its great resistance to thermal damage makes the fried foods obtained with this oil light and highly digestible.

As for every processed agro-foodstuff, the value of oil consists in the maintenance and enhancement of the characteristics of the original raw material: the olives. This is the essential reason why Az. Ag. Manestrini puts quality in first place.

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