The climate of Lake Garda is particularly temperate, protected by the Alps and with an immense basin of water that mitigates its winters.

In virtue of this climate, a typically Mediterranean vegetation has developed along the shores of the lake, which promotes the cultivation and growth of the olive tree.

The olive tree is made almost immortal by its life force: despite bittersweet felling, frosts and scorching heat, it continues to grow through the pulse of life of the new shoots, which form close to the cut or perishing trunks.

Secular trees with tangled trunks, part of which now dried and a part living, can be found at Sirmione, along the pathway that leads to the tip of the peninsula and in the Grotte di Catullo Park.

Clear evidence of the importance these plants and their products had for the Romans can be found in the Roman villas of Desenzano and Sirmione. Several archaeological findings symbolize the value and the significance of the olive tree and its fruit in the religious ceremonies and daily life of the times.

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